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Labor & Delivery Needs

Thanks for stopping on by!

I'm so excited to share with you my Mother's Day Giveaway for your Labor & Delivery. These are actually all things I was prepared with to get me through the process with my little man. I hope you find this all very helpful information.

What you need to know

#1 Hydration is key - It is SO important to stay hydrated while laboring. Electrolyte tablets are a great way to keep you hydrated over, potentially, many hours of labor while keeping you balanced. Sport drinks are also an option, but the coloration often doesn't look pretty if it comes up.


#2 Calories = Energy - It’s also very important to make sure that you have enough energy for the long haul. Unfortunately, large quantities of food may not sit well in your stomach so small snacks and energy chews/goos are great! They are filled with important nutrients, as well as calories to get you through the marathon.


#3 Lots of pushing can lead to hemorrhoids - Let’s face it, particularly first time moms can spend long periods of time in labor and in the pushing phase. What stinks is that this can lead to hemorrhoids which are quite uncomfortable to deal with. Witch hazel pads can provide great relief to your backside. Use your peri-bottle to rinse your undercarriage instead of wiping. Your vagina will thank you.


#4 The first poop is TERRIFYING!!!! Ground flax seed is an excellent source of both soluble and insoluble fiber. This makes sure that your stool is lightly firm, so you don't leak, while also making sure that you don't get backed up and strain with bowel movements. Make sure that you are resting your elbows on your knees and breathe out with your poops - this helps move things along. Stools are also great to rest your feet on.


#5 Aunt Flo will be visiting you for a while - up to six weeks. Absorbent pads are a necessity to manage the remnants of delivery. You will go through A LOT! Be prepared.

Here ya go! Best of luck for the road ahead. You got this!

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